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Volume 2 - Issue 1

Hydropower Development and Economic Growth in Nepal: Challenges and Prospects

Authors: Deepak Chaudhary
Pages: 1-18
Keywords: Economic development, hydropower production, investment, policy interventions, governance

Is the Existing Hydropower Development Policy, 2001 Investment Friendly?

Authors: Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan; Dhun Bahadur Budhathoki & Dr. Rajeshwori Malla-Pradhan
Pages: 19-34
Keywords: Hydropower Development Policy (HDP) 2001, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), term of project, , investment friendly, policy environment, and policy advocacy

Harnessing Untapped Resources for Sustainable Energy Production from Municipal Solid Waste in Recourse Challenged Economies: A Case Study of Rajshahi City Corporation, Bangladesh

Authors: Md. Sahil Rafiq, Mohammad Shakhawat, Hosen Apurba and Dr. Nadim Reza Khandaker (North South University, Dhaka)
Pages: 35-57
Keywords: Anaerobic, Rajshahi City Corporation, Municipal Solid Waste, Landfill

Impact of Ginger Oleoresin on Leaf Tripe of Sapumhicha

Authors: Deepika Shrestha & Kabita Maharjan, Nepal Cancer Hospital & Research center
Pages: 58-67
Keywords: ginger, indigenous food, leaf tripe (sapu mhicha), self-life, nutritional composition

Harnessing Bangladesh’s Undeveloped Geothermal Potential: A Case Study of the Barapukuria

Authors: Haniyum Maria Khan; Mohammad Moshiur Rahman & Dr. Nadim Khandaker
Pages: 68-81
Keywords: Renewable energy, Geothermal energy, Geothermal reservoir, Bangladesh energy sector

Critiques of Development using Foucault’s Discourse and Power Theory

Authors: Bijaya Gautam, MPhil-led PhD Student, Tribhuvan University
Pages: 82-94
Keywords: Discourse, power, knowledge, Michel Foucault

The Trends of Foreign Employment and Remittance Inflow in Nepal

Authors: Ram Kumar Pant, Mid- West University, Nepal
Pages: 95-111
Keywords: Employment, migration, foreign, remittance, impact, labour

Gender equality in Nepal: How is it going as a goal of SDG?

Authors: Bandana Pokhrel, Tribhuvan University
Pages: 112-127
Keywords: Gender equality, SDGs, social inclusion, sustainable development

Opportunities and Challenges of Nepal’s Health Systems: A Critical Study in Federal Context

Authors: Kabita Dahal , Tribhuvan University
Pages: 128-138
Keywords: Health system, opportunities, challenges, policy issues, Nepal

Impact of Per Capita Health Expenditure on Child Health Outcomes in Nepal

Authors: Manisha Paudel
Pages: 139-156
Keywords: Child health, per capita health expenditure, outcomes, Nepal