About Us

Our Introduction

Journey for Sustainable Development and Peace (JSDP) as a non-governmental not-for-profit research organization, established in 2022 in Kathmandu district. The main purpose of the organization is to engage in development sectors and peace considering sustainability for social transformation. Peace and prosperity, sustainable development with innovative idea and research, keeping in mind the future generations by maintaining easy access to the proper use of existing resources are essential for sustainable development and peace.

For sustainable development, the organization has formulated the statute under the Organization Registration Act, 2034 with the determination to move forward in various aspects of development. JSDP with a team of Nepali professionals involves in theoretical, empirical, action-oriented and policy research in collaboration with international research institutions and universities in development research and training and publishing research journals and books.

Our Vision

Social transformation with Sustainability & Dignity


JSDP engages in research and development activities and peace with innovative ideas, thinking and activities

Types of Research

– Feasibility studies
– Baseline surveys
– Impact studies/assessments
– Monitoring and evaluation
– Needs assessments
– Exploratory research
– Case studies
– Participatory/action research
– Focus Group Discussion
– Observations
– Survey
– Review of literature, legislature and policy

Our Objectives

  • Conduct study, research and awareness programs for sustainable development and peaceful living.
  • To conduct awareness programs and trainings on environmental and sustainable development.
  • To move forward by embracing the concept of social justice and equality for sustainable development.
  • Participate in monitoring and evaluation of development works.
  • Seminars, seminars and studies on good governance and leadership.
  • Conduct study, research and training and awareness programs on gender equality.
  • Conduct awareness programs related to health, food, nutrition and sanitation.
  • To make academic contributions in the areas of population and family planning, migration and resettlement, urbanization, rural development, tourism, good governance and leadership development, and to make notes related to training and awareness program development and play a constructive role in this regard.
  • To work in collaboration with various domestic and foreign organizations and organizations for health, education, food security and nutrition, heritage and environmental protection, climate change, management of natural resources, agricultural production, drinking water and sanitation, poverty, gender equality, human capital development, social justice and equality, institutional capacity development.
  • Conduct programs and training related to institutional enhancement and study and research thereof.
  • Conducting studies, research and seminars, seminars on topics related to the above objectives, conducting research and awareness studies, publishing research and broadcasting public publications through electronic and other means.

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