Purbi Asiako Akhijhyal (पूर्वी एशियाको आँखिझ्याल)

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Volume 1 - Issue 1

Purbi Asiako Akhijhyal (पूर्वी एशियाको आँखिझ्याल)

Deepak Chaudhary


Book -2

Book: Purbi Asiako Akhijhyal (पूर्वी एशियाको आँखिझ्याल) meaning may be ‘East Asia’s Window’

Author:  Deepak Chaudhary

Publisher: Indigo Ink, Kathmandu, Nepal

Published Date: 2020

Pages: 209

Purbi Asiako Akhijhyal (पूर्वी एशियाको आँखिझ्याल) written by author Deepak Chaudhary primarily focuses on the development and its dimension. This book is divided into two sections. In the first section, travel in five southeast Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam are mentioned based on development approaches based on observation. In many places, the author compares it with Nepal and other European countries. The author gets surprised when he saw infrastructure development in these counties. Cambodia had suffered heavily from the civil war, though, she made huge progress over the last three decades. Surprisingly, Communist Vietnam became a hub of manufacturing in the world. However, the psychology and societal structures are not so different between these countries and Nepal, but there is a wide gap in terms of economic development and infrastructural development compared to Nepal. Presently, Cambodia records more than double the number of tourists in comparison to Nepal.

In the second section of the book, the author intends to explore the reason why Nepal lacks it. Discipline in the sense of rule of law and technology are two major components that enhanced developmental activities in East Asia in a short time. The author recommends pursuing these lessons from the East-Asia for economic development. In the simple Nepali language, he tries to explain the dimension of development based on a historical perspective. There are few books on development in the Nepali language and this book will be useful for common people to understand the development process and reality.


Paper Details

Keywords: Development, discipline, east Asia and technology
Year: 2023
Month: January
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3126/jsdpj.v1i1.52605
Pages: 93-94