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Volume 1 - Issue 1

Book Review: The Ages of Globalization

Jeffrey D. Sachs


Book Review

Book: The Ages of Globalization

Author:  Jeffrey D. Sachs

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Published Date: 2020

Pages: 262

‘The Ages of Globalization’ written by famous author Jeffrey D. Sachs insights into human history, development, and challenges through data and analytical frames. This book historically explains how human comes to today’s globalization age. The book is divided into seven chapters namely Ages of Globalization; The Paleolithic Age (10,000-10,000 BCE); The Neolithic Age (10,000-3000 BCE); The Equestrian Age (3000-1000 BCE; The Classical Age (1000 BCE- 1500 CE); The Ocean Age(1500-1800); The Industrial Age(1800-2000); The Digital Age (twenty-first Century) and Guiding Globalization in Twenty-First century. The author not only pointed out the problems but emphasizes innovative ideas as enlightenment that could solve the problems. The author profoundly examines how humans are benefitting from technological progress. He further provides an account of how technology, geography, and institutions have shaped globalization. Along with this, it is also mentioned how human evolved and the root causes of the challenges the world face today. He emphasizes on sustainable development through bold and forward-looking cooperation on a global scale that could overcome environmental, social, and geopolitical calamities. For understanding the world’s humans and the development process, this book seems to be useful.

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Keywords: Development, digital age, globalization and human history,
Year: 2023
Month: January
Pages: 91-92